Technical features

The Aeri’s Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

The entire facility is based on German technology, designed and manufactured by the Leipzig-based company, Bleichert.

The car and its route

• Length: 1,350 m
• Width: 1,243 m
• Climb: 544 m (from +139 m to 683 m)
• Angle of the geometric gradient of the total route: 23º 38 ‘
• Maximum incline that the cars can reach during their journey: from 43º to 45º
• Number of supports or towers: 2
• Number of cars: 2, each able to hold 35 people.
• Weight of each empty car: 2,175 kg
• Weight of each car at its full load capacity: 4,900 kg


An 84 HP, 730 rpm electric motor which operates the main machine. This machine enables the cabins to travel at a speed of 5 m/s, which makes it possible for them to do the entire route in just five minutes. A 38 HP, 725 rpm electric motor running the auxiliary machine enables the cabins to travel at a speed of 2 m/s.
Both machines are totally independent from one another.
There are two backup power generators with 130 HP and 205 HP diesel motors which are connected to the building’s general supply when there is a power cut in the mains supply; these generators can provide power to the two motors and the rest of the installation.


• Two 59 mm diameter carrier cables with two 75 mm diameter tensioning cables
• A 27 mm diameter traction cable
• A 21 mm diameter anti-traction cable with a 38 mm diameter tensioning cable
• A 22 mm diameter auxiliary cable with a 38 mm diameter tensioning cable


• Two counterweights for the carrier tensioning cables, weighing 50,000 kg each
• A 7,600 kg counterweight for the cable tensioning cable against the tractor
• A counterweight to the emergency cable tensioning cable consisting of two independent blocks weighing 5,000 kg each.

We are part of the industrial engineering heritage of Catalonia

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